Souvenir Art Cards

These Eye-Catching Oversized Souvenir Art cards are each 4.5×11-inches with a High-Gloss finish on the front and the descriptions below on the back. They can be mailed using first class postage and are simply Spectacular as a Souvenir Art Card from a local photographic artist.

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Golden Gate Bridge Sunset

There is no more perfect embodiment of this iconic landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge, than this stunning image. This photo has been admired by millions, and that’s no surprise, given the way this image reveals a unique side of the bridge. The sky is set afire in a brilliant sunset, and the spectacular blues of water and sky burst off the page to delight the senses.

#1001 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Rainbow

What could possibly be more stunning than a view of the historic Golden Gate Bridge than this iconic expanse framed by a whimsical rainbow in a huge pop of color? This image illustrates what has made the bridge so special ever since it opened in 1937

#1013 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

Cliff House San Francisco Seal Rock

Despite its name, this is not the place to find seals these days but rather birds. There’s a story behind the name, however: once upon a time, sea lions (also called seals) did lounge on the rocky structures. Lighting creates an almost other-worldly illusion of glowing rocks and water while the angle beautifully represents the rocks’ shape and texture. Shot taken from the historic Cliff House.

#1012 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

Sunrise San Francisco from Fort Winfield Scott San Francisco

The promise and wonder of a new day greet San Francisco as an extraordinary sunrise illuminates the stunning skyline. Soft yet vibrant dawn light generates vivid yellow tones, yielding an almost mystical and dreamy look and feel. This photo creates a serene tone that is soothing and healing. You don’t have to leave your heart in San Francisco when you can gaze upon this gorgeous shot anytime.

#1011 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point San Francisco

See the bridge with completely new eyes when the camera lens catches it from this angle. Dynamic movement almost leaps out of the frame along with the crashing, swirling waves. Subdued neutral tones perfectly highlight the familiar reddish orange hues of the towering, graceful engineering marvel that became the longest suspension bridge in the world when it opened back in 1937.

#1010 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

Muni Trolley Embarcadero San Francisco

Imagine hopping on the trolley for a spin with this nighttime photo that captures the look and feel of San Francisco and the buzz of this historic transportation mode. Titled “Stacked up,” the image depicts several trolleys dressed in vivid reds, oranges, and yellows, just waiting for their next excursions. This trolley is part of the Muni fleet, which includes a range of versatile vehicles.

#1009 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

View of Golden Gate Bridge from under Fort Point Pier

This is certainly not your typical shot of a most familiar bridge that naysayers long ago said could not be built. At low tide, the scene reveals a sense of stillness. The foreground showcases the pier near the Marina District and its adjacent national historic site that’s brimming with military history. The majestic bridge stretches out over 1.7 miles but gives the illusion of reaching into infinity.

#1007 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

Night Trolley On Time Embarcadero San Francisco

Nighttime in San Francisco doesn’t slow down. Nor do the trolley cars, which stay in motion long past sunset, faithfully guiding their passengers into new adventures. In this image, the trolley exuberantly races by in yellows and reds as it moves toward the clock tower while creating a stark contrast with the velvety dark night sky. The shot was taken by the delightful Embarcadero waterfront.

#1005 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos

Ocean Beach San Francisco

Tossed amongst the wind and waves lies a special hideaway, on the far west border of San Francisco and next to Golden Gate Park. It’s just around the corner from the city yet practically feels a thousand miles away. The surf, sand, seabirds, and sun – what’s not to love? The peace and solitude of this 3.5-mile-long beach are captured perfectly in this shot, as seen from the historic Cliff House.

#1002 – Copyright © 2018 Siri Photos